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Levin Talent Agency
8484 Wilshire Blvd Suite 750
Beverly Hills CA 90210
tel (323) 653-7073
fax (323) 653-0280

The Changeling Mrs. Riley Imagine, Clint Eastwood
Dr. Doolittle Mrs. Parkus Paramount, Betty Thomas
Krippendorf's Tribe Ms. Wilson Touchstone
Incdictment (McMartin Trial) Guard HBO, Mick Jackson
Dracula: Dead and Loving It Peasant Borgo Pass, Mel Brooks
Eye for an Eye Parent Paramount, John Schlessinger
Hellbound Captain Hull Cannon Films, Aaron Norris
Prophecies Last Woman Alive Greystone Productions
Skee Ball Blues Neighbor Mark Levinson
Linguini Incident Silent Woman Linguini Prod, Richard Shepard
Party Camp Mrs. Beadle Allimar, Gary Garver

Television (Episodic)  
Candid Camera Various King World
Human Time Bomb Experiment Office Secretary Playboy Channel
Court House [Pilot] Russian Clerk - Mrs. Varoukian CBS, Ron Lagomarsino
Equal House Corinna - Donut Queen Orion Television
The Wonder Years Marian, ep "My Father's Office" New World Television
Slap Maxwell Sister Dorothy Clara Slap Happy Productions
Night Gallery Ep. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Universal Studios
Dark Justice Ep. "Prime Cuts" ABC/Magnum Productions

Television (Sitcom)  
Reba Receptionist The WB
Desmond Pfeiffer Lincoln's Secretary Paramount Television
Hudson Street Tough Woman Prisoner Sony Television
Family Matters Sister Augustine Warner Bros, Miller Boyet
Who's the Boss? WAC ABC
The Partners How to Steal Your Wife Universal Studios
Growing Pains Mrs. Krupmeyer ABC

General Hospital Pearl Blake ABC

Variety Show    
Jean Doumanian Comedy Hat Factory, Comedy Coach New York City
Alan Thicke Show Actress & Casting Director MGM, Los Angeles
Situation Comedy Workshop Comedy Coach/Assoc Director ABC-TV, Hollywood


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