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Cherie Franklin has been a professional actress for 40 years, appearing in numerous films, television series and commercials. Her film credits include Dr. Doolittle with Eddie Murphy, Hellbound with Chuck Norris, and An Eye for an Eye with Sally Fields. Her television credits are equally as numerous, ranging from hour-long episodics to sitcoms.

But Ms. Franklin is not just an actress. She is also a highly-respected on-set dialogue coach for some of the biggest names in the business. Whether hired by the producer, director, or the star, her job has been to help the actor overcome any and all obstacles to give their best performance. As a teacher, she's taught for The American Film Institute, The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists [AFTRA], International Film Actors Training, Rockport Maine's International Film Workshop, the Screen Actor's Guild Conservatory, Women in Film, as well as throughout Europe.

In addition to working as a dialogue coach, Ms. Franklin offers classes at her Hollywood studio. Click here for more information.

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