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In addition to working as a dialogue coach, Cherie Franklin offers classes at her Studio. The classes are small,cherie franklin cherolyn franklin react respond guaranteeing each actor extensive one-on-one training. Every class is on-camera, and every actor works on camera, every class.

One of the the most exciting aspects about working with Cherie is that she works with each actor to discover and promote their own unique and special qualities. She helps each actor define their own style, so that they can infuse a character with their own signature, yet still meet the requirements of the show and the role.

So, whether you're just beginning, on your way, or established, Cherie Franklin can help you acquire and master the skills needed for a successful career acting in film and television.

Audition Technique/Cold Reading
Since the audition is the first gateway through which every actor must pass, skill at cold-reading is essential. Learn how to break down a "side" quickly and efficiently, and bring the role to life, not just a reading. Overcome personal obstacles and increase your chance to turn an interview into a job.

Acting for Film - Head, Heart and Heels
Film acting is oceans apart from acting for the stage. With a screen that is up to thirty feet high, your performance must be full, but at the same time intimate and grounded. In film, one acts through the eyes, through your Head, into your Heart, and all the way down to your Heels. Learn how to trust yourself in order to center and ground your performance in truth. Understand the different techniques of acting for the Master-Shot, the Two-Shot, and the Close-Up.

Acting for the Sit-Com - Timing, Timing, Timing
Acting for the Sit-Com is much different than acting for Feature Films or Episodic Television. You must know the responsibilities of the Series Regular versus the Guest Star versus the Day Player. Learn how to recognize the jokes, how to set them up and how to pay them off. Play the situation to the fullest and the comedy will come from the situation. Timing and Pace are essential in Sit-Coms, and to succeed in this lucrative and exciting medium, actors must master them both. Cherie's extensive experience in Sit-Cms, both in front of the camera as an actress and behind it as a dialogue coach, makes this an exciting and rewarding class.

Acting for Episodic Television
The television hour-long drama is similar to Feature Film, but at the same time worlds apart. Learn how to quickly recognize the story, style, and thrust of an Episodic Television show and give a performance that fits all three. Propel the scene, dont' steal it! Actors will work on roles ranging from Day Player to Guest Star to Series Regular. The similarities and differences of each of these categories will be covered so you can develop the technique to fit into whatever role you're cast.

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